~Fi Ayyi Ardhin Taskun Fa Hunaka DAkwatun Tubna~

Saturday, September 15, 2012

I am alone..again

They have mouths, so they can speak anything..
They can talk to me whatever they want to..
I...have it too, but I did not say a word..wordless,speechless
Why?  I did not know why..

I have two ears..
Better for me listening rather than talking..
It does not mean that I will have to follow or absorb their words
Whatever is good..it is good..
Otherwise..ignore it ignore it..

You are not always true at all time..
You will never walk alone..
There will be someone who is always on your side
Praying for your sake..
Watching you even though you cant realize..
But you must always believe..there will be...

( Do not be sad, h_ _ _ _ :-)  )

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